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Originally Posted by almeister9 View Post
I am looking for a kind, kind, soul who could possibly describe to me in great detail, how to get the results of these logs from the ubuntu server onto my windows machine so that I could post them, or alternatively how to post them from within the ubuntu server (comand line only - no gui).
I don't know about great detail, but I'll try and help because it's rather urgent that you get this capability asap.

Essentially you need to remotely connect to the server from your windows PC. This will allow you to interact as if you were sitting at the screen and keyboard.
To do this requires two things, namely a server program called sshd which is installed on your ubuntu server and a ssh client for windows. The former is achieved by
sudo aptitude install openssh-server
. Don't worry if it's already installed, trying to install it again won't break anything. The latter can be downloaded and installed from PuTTY: A Free Telnet/SSH Client.

Putty is not overly complicated. Simply create a new connection, feed it the ip address of your server and connect. If all went well with the openssh-server install, and after acknowledging the fingerprint of the server you should be presented with a window and a "login:" prompt. Enter your username and password to gain access.

When viewing something in the terminal screen, left click and drag to highlight an area that you wish to copy. Copying to the windows clipboard is done automatically as soon as you highlight something. Don't look for a 'copy' option and don't 'right-click' for a context menu (right-click is paste). Switch to the destination you want to paste to and use standard windows paste functionality. Practice pasting things into notepad until you get the hang of it.

Copying from windows and pasting into putty is done via standard windows copy function to get the data into the clipboard, then switching to putty terminal windows and pressing the right mouse button to paste.

A further word of advice.
tail -f only shows the last few lines of a log file and allows new content that is dynamically added to be shown. Learn to use the 'less' utility like so:
less /path/to/file/filename
cd /path/to/file
less filename
Once in 'less' use 'q' to exit back to the shell prompt and 'pgup/pgdn' to scroll up and down.

Feel free to follow up here with any problems or questions about this. Once you've mastered the art of putty+log+posting you will probably want to post your saslauth problem into another thread so as not to get things too muddled in here.
Good Luck!
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