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Default Related kind of problem? Server not accessible from outside.


This is my first post in theese forums, and I hope that it is ok to continue in this thread, otherwise please correct me. I was happy when I saw the thread, because I have som strange problems which I guess is related to DNS-configuration.

I have 3 private domains controlled on a debian server as standard virtual namebased domains. DNS, DX and web-names for these domains is hosted outside by a serviceprovider on the internet. From my public wan-Ip a switch divides incoming traffic to two routers in order to maintain two seperate LANs.

The webserver has a static ip-adress - Default GW and DNS is (router)

The router has an internal ACL where I have set up that HTTP-traffic and other ports, is directed to the webservers specific IP-adress.

Now I have made a new webserver with ISPconfig in order to better control my domains. It is set up with an IP, again GW and DNS is the router. From inside everythings works perfectly, the mailserver as well. But when I switch off the old server, and change the routing table, none of my domains are visible from the outside.

I have tried to add FQDN to the new servers hosts-file also with no luck. I have no extra IP's in the IP-list.

I really hope that someone could be helpfull on this issue.
Best regards
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