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Anybody ever get the feeling that they're talking to themselves in a public forum?

Another question since I think I've opened up a huge, stinking can o' worms here:

Would it be possible to do another installation (aside from the current installation) using different paths, different databases, etc.?

I think I already know the answer because of things like bind, the mysql DB, etc., but I'm running out of ideas/time/patience.

Where would anybody else go from here? I'm willing to re-install everything from scratch and start over, but my biggest concern is having to reset a butt-ton of username/pwd combinations and having my phone ring off the hook...

My thought is to go with a VM and slowly migrate everything over, get it all working, then migrate back. Part of the problem is that I was rushed to do this migration to begin with and had to do it in the wee hours of the night, after LONG days at work.

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