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Default ISPConfig 2.2.18 ----> 2.2.24

Okay- in hindsight, I know what I did wrong, but am struggling with correcting the problem.

First off, MANY thanks to all of the developers for an OUTSTANDING product!!!

Problem is this:

Old Debian Etch box, to new Debian Etch box, both configured exactly the same, except for minor version differences in apache2, mysql, etc.

Migrated all 16 sites over onto the new box, db's, etc. according to Falko's excellent post:

Migrating an ISPConfig Installation

I, uhmmmm, forgot to upgrade the initial installation of ISPConfig 2.2.18 to 2.2.24 before importing all of the databases, including the ISPConfig database. (new server is running 2.2.24)

Now, I obviously have all sorts of strangeness.

I have since upgraded the old machine's ISPConfig installation to 2.2.24 without any problems, re-exported the ISPConfig database, created a new DB on the new server, imported the v2.2.24 database, but it looks like there are a TON of tables missing.

I changed the name of the ISPConfig database in the '/home/admispconfig/ispconfig/lib/' and login credentials, pointing to the newly created/imported ISPConfig database, but I can't login to the admin interface- just keep getting failed logins. (I also restarted the ispconfig_server)

Is there a way to downgrade my currently installed version 2.2.24 to 2.2.18, use the 2.2.18 imported ISPConfig database, and perform an upgrade to 2.2.24?

Is there any easier way to get all this working?

Again- thanks for a tremendous product!!!


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