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Default Perfect Server Fedora 9

I wanted to say thanks to the author Falko for the tut, Perfect Server Fedora 9. Good tutorial, easy to follow, not too confusing.

I have had a couple of minor problems, think maybe something I did. I did some searching on both Fedora Forums and this forum and found some information that touched base on my issues but not completely.

I followed the tutorial the first, I didn't have much trouble until I got to Quota, Ruby, and ISPconfig. ISPConfig wouldn't install fully. When I rebooted it wouldn't mount the file system and would hang.

When I started over, I got about as far as disabling SElinux and upon reboot, loading "sendmail" took longer than normal to load. When I was finally able to login, it was almost like my machine was bogged down. It seemed odd, the system is using a AMD Athlon 64 with a gig of ram.

Great tutorial and describes the exact system I need. I have hopes to set up a small network for our office with all the features this tutorial has.

I live in a rural area without broadband, our office been in talks with an major ISP provider. With hopes of becoming hosting multiple servers, and bringing broadband to the area. I would really like to set this kind of system up; clone it and install on multiple machines with maybe minimal configuration on varying systems.

I am in the process of a third attempt and will more than likely be posting further issues.
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