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I noticed that when I create a site through ispconfig (3), there is an option to specify the linux user and group, and the directory for the site.
however, it does not seem to make any actual difference.
is that a bug?
No, thats not a bug. You will have to create the user and directory manually before, there is no assistence from ispconfig in ths. Also it is not recommended to change this setting at and it may cause the complete vhost to fail.

I tried to create a shell user. the user was create in ispconfig but was not created on the server (nothing in /etc/passwords).
another bug or am I missing something?
There is no known bug with that. I just tested it and it works for me. maybe a bug in your setup. Aditionally, if you changed the settings that you mentioned above, the creation of shell users may fail.

what is the proper way of granting users shell access, and make sure they have access to their web sites?
Create a shell user in ispconfig interface.
Till Brehm
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