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Okay, I can now receive emails from the outside world. My problem now is I can't send emails to the outside world.

At present I'm testing sending emails using Mozilla Thunderbird and this error occurs when I send the email:

"An error occured while sending mail. The mail server responded: <>: Relay access denied. Please verify that your email address is correct in your Mail preferences and try again."

Before, I have nothing on the When the error occured, I added the following entries on the said configuration file: :
* smtp:[] "the ip of the original mail server"

Then I restarted postfix: /etc/init.d/postfix restart

I again tried sending an email but the same error occurs.

I think this problem is similar to Rocky's problem.

One more thing, can you possibly give a suggestion as to what webmail program I could use for this type of mail server, and if there is a tutorial document wherein I can refer to?

Thanks in advance.
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