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Originally Posted by till View Post

The software itself can be downloaded here:

ISPConfig Beta is also available as ready to run VMWare virtual
machine based on Debian Linux.

Download of the VMWare image: (approx. 600 MB)

When you run the vmware image the first time you will be asked to keep
or create a MAC address. Select "keep", otherwise the networking wont work.

The root password of the VM is set to "ispconfig", the IP address is and has to be reconfigured in /etc/network/interfaces
to meet your network requirements. The ISPconfig Interface login is:

User = admin
Password = admin.
I know this question might be off topic, but I had a problem running the VMWare image. I'm on a Mac with Leopard and using the latest version of VMWare Fusion.
When I start the virtual machine after a few seconds a error window pop ups saying "VMWare Fusion can not connect to the virtual machine."

Anyone had the same problem?