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Originally Posted by falko
The xript is /root/ispconfig/scripts/lib/config.lib.php. Look at the function make_docroot() (around line 966).
Thank you Falko - I think I first check out su_php. If that do not work I like, IŽll patch the file (but probably it will ...)
If somebody else could use this info: the two rows on line 1083 should be changed from
exec("chown -R $apache_user:web$doc_id $web_path_realname &> /dev/null");
exec("chown -R $apache_user:web$doc_id $web_path &> /dev/null");
exec("chown -R wwwrun:web$doc_id $web_path_realname &> /dev/null");
exec("chown -R wwwrun:web$doc_id $web_path &> /dev/null");
sometimes wwwrun is www-data - check this out before! This is not tested!

there is a very strange thing I observed:
is there any process that checks every 1-2 minutes the file owners in /home/www and makes changes on it?

I added one user manually with useradd, this user has now the uid 10028 (this is the highest number in /etc/passwd but not the last entry).

Now, a web directory /www/web22 is being permanently changed to xyz.web22 (where xyz is the user with uid 10028). All other dirs in /www are untouched.

(the /www/web22 directory is the second last web, so the last is web23)
Do you know what this could be?

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