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Default Trouble with first time OpenVZ install - please help


I recently bought a fairly nice server and I decided to run a small VPS service from it. So, I came across OpenVZ (OS Level Virtualization Tool) and I was very excited about it, so I came to my #1 linux tutorial place, How2Forge site and found this :-

I followed this guide word for word and then finally installed OpenVZ and even created my first VPS on it.

My problem is that, i set the VPS hard disk to be 100GB but when I entered the vps using the command vzctl enter xxx command and typed the shell command df -h it shows the size of my entire hard disk of my host server (instead of the 10gb disk limit I set).

I remember, when I was creating a VPS, it kept erroring, so i turned off a config to disable something about dynamic resource allocation what not. Could it be that?

Was I meant to create a separate partition on my host server, i.e. /vz/ in ext3 format? If i don't do this, that dynamic hard disk feature wont work?

I'm fairly new to both linux and openvz, can someone help this newbie please. Thanks in advance for your help.
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