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Lets start from the beginning, my installation is based on as you can see in the PDF file I send to you before.

I dont have a modem connected to the server and no other Internet connection, it's a pure intranet setup. Later I connect a modem to download and send mail to a ISP.

SuSE Network setup:

Firewall: disabled

Static IP address: [subnet mask:

Hostname: host Domain name:

Routing Configuration Gateway: What I have to fill in? ?

Additional addresses: Do I need to fill additional addresses ?

Does your server have a working internet connection? NO

If you want to use for ISPConfig, then you fill in www as hostname and as domain name. But you must make sure that the DNS record for points to the correct IP address because the installer tries to ping the FQDN, and if it doesn't exist, then the installation stops.
I like to keep for intranet and use www for the external site.

Where I set this DSN record? In the SuSE YAST Network sevices - DNS Server? IP Address again
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