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Default write access to wwwrun/www-data in users DocumentRoot

Hi everybody - itīs monday and the problems are with me, again
Is there a - practicable - way to give apache/mod_php write access to the users public web directorys?

I have to make the users public web directories write accessible for wwwrun (or www-data). With the default ISPconfig installation (Suse10, perfect setup) that isīnt possible (or Iīm wrong?). So I made following changes and it works:

Add user wwwrun to the web10-group
groupmod --add-user wwwrun web10
make web10-dir writeable for all group members
chmod 775  /home/www/web10
make web-dir writeable for everybody
chmod 777  /home/www/web10/web
(actual it should be enough to give 775 - but it isnīt and I dont understand why - but for the asked problem I will ignore this at this time)
That works - but isnt very smart of course.
At last it is now very unsecure to give users shell access because all users would have write access to the directories from the other users But that is for me the smaller problem, so wouldīnt give shell access.

Now I would go to patch the ispconfig scripts which create the users directories and would set the above values with chmod/chown and so on.

So my questions:
- which ISPConfig script/s I have to patch?
- is there another way to give write access to the public dirs?

thanks in advance!
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