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Default problem with boot from raid - How To Set Up Software RAID1 on a running system (etch)


I'm trying to follow the instructions at but I'm hitting a brick wall at the point of first reboot: whatever I do the machine comes up with its root partition as /dev/sda2 (the original root) not /dev/md1 (the root raid partition). This means I can't add sda2 to the RAID array because it's in use, which scuppers the whole thing, really

I've looked at the initrd image and it seems like it's loading the right modules; I've even added the raid module to the manual module list but it made no difference.

This is compounded in that I can't see the machine boot - it's a remotely hosted box and I can only get one KVMoIP session a month without paying for it, so I'd rather not do the KVM thing unless I absolutely have to.

I've about 13 years experience with various flavours of Linux (mostly Slackware, Redhat and Debian) but I've never dealt with grub, debian's initrd (which seems massively overcomplex) or software RAID before, so I'm feeling a bit lost.

Any help much appreciated!

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