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Default CENTOS 5.2 and ISPConfig 2.2.25 BIG problem

Greetings to all,

i have recently updated my ispconfig from ISPConfig 2.2.24 to ISPConfig 2.2.25 on my CENTOS 5.2 (updated from 5) . Everything was fine till a server restart. Apparently the whole ispconfig folder under root was miraculously deleted ! I can not start my httpd and i get this error :

unable to start piped log program '/root/ispconfig/cronolog --symlink=/var/log/httpd/ispconfig_access_log /var/log/httpd/ispconfig_access_log_%Y_%m_%d': Permission denied
Unable to open logs

I am glad that this happened on the test server (although running important things) but why did it do that ???


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