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Default Setting up Bind on CentOS 5.2 simplified webservers setup newb question.

So I followed the simple setup guide for Bind/Apache on Centos as posted here -> BIND is setup with chroot as well, I made the symlinks as recommended and double checked them a few times.

I got everything configured per the tutorial... I think, but when I try and set my domain's ( name servers to my newly created DNS server I get this error:

"Unable to update nameservers: Nameserver [] doesn't exist at the registry "

A little more about my setup that may be the cause of the problem. I have Quest DSL and the servers IP address is set to my local network address, I opened the ports on the DSL modem/router to allow in traffic for DNS, SSH, FTP, and web(port 80). I can SSH to my server in from outside my local network to the IP address quest gives me so opening those ports seems to direct traffic where it should. I am not sure if that is what I should be setting in my zone file for an ip, currently I have the internal network IP's?

Here is my zone file per my first many tries, oh and named does start without complaining:

$TTL 14400
@ 86400 IN SOA (
2008021501 ; serial, todays date+todays
86400 ; refresh, seconds
7200 ; retry, seconds
3600000 ; expire, seconds
86400 ) ; minimum, seconds
psychpdx. 86400 IN NS
psychpdx. 86400 IN NS
ns1 IN A
ns2 IN A IN A IN A IN MX 0
ftp IN A

Any ideas where to start troubleshooting this? Sorry if this is super basic but I am pretty new to this stuff.


This site is amazing by the way
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