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Originally Posted by Hendrikus Postma

The installation of ISPConfig actualy succeeds, but the site doesn't show up on a workstation. I see many problems with SuSE, are there succesfull installations with this distribution?
Yes, have a look at this tutorial for SuSE 10.0:

Originally Posted by Hendrikus Postma
I donít use more than one Nameserver, I leave it blank, Under Routing Configuration I keep the gateway blank I donít use additional addresses, I leave it blank. Is this wrong ? I donít use because when people in the network install internetsharing in a Windows system it configurate by default this results in IP conflicts.
I don't think leaving the gateway blank is a good idea because then your server doesn't have a working internet connection...
Does your server have a working internet connection? Does
ping -c4

Originally Posted by Hendrikus Postma
On the end of the installation ISPConfig they asking the following questions:
Please enter the IP address of the ISPConfig web (e.g.
Please enter the host name (e.g. www): What I have to fill in ? www, host, or (the same when I type hostname in PuTTY)
Please enter the domain (e.g.

When I fill www or host as hostname and as domain the installation stops ! When I only type the installation is finnishing succesfully but I canít go to the website ISPConfig by typing even it works one time but I reinstall again because I wanted to be able to use , The same with Webmin, I can only come there via even internet explorer/apache shows .
If you want to use for ISPConfig, then you fill in www as hostname and as domain name. But you must make sure that the DNS record for points to the correct IP address because the installer tries to ping the FQDN, and if it doesn't exist, then the installation stops.

Originally Posted by Hendrikus Postma
What I also found strange that Apache is still pointing to /srv/www/htdocs or /srv/www/ but the one time I got ISPConfig working he put the web1, web2, web3 in the /var/www/ directory.
Are you sure you specified /srv/www instead of /var/www as web root during the ISPConfig installation?

Originally Posted by Hendrikus Postma
PS. We have a website, is it possible to use as intranet?
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