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Default ISPConfig on OpenSuSE 10.0 Site doesn't show up


The installation of ISPConfig actualy succeeds, but the site doesn't show up on a workstation. I see many problems with SuSE, are there succesfull installations with this distribution? I don't have a fast internet connection and from SuSE I only have the complete set of RPM's, switching to another distrubution would cost me a lot of time.

I get confused with the following thinks; (this is a stand allone intranet server with dial-up internet connection)
Installation SuSE:
Network interface: Static Address Setup Static IP address: [subnet mask:, Hostname: host Domain name:, Firewall: disabled

I donít use more than one Nameserver, I leave it blank, Under Routing Configuration I keep the gateway blank I donít use additional addresses, I leave it blank. Is this wrong ? I donít use because when people in the network install internetsharing in a Windows system it configurate by default this results in IP conflicts.

When I type in PuTTY hostname it shows host
After the:
echo > /etc/hostname
/bin/hostname -F /etc/hostname
I type again hostname in PuTTY it shows, in my opinion the hostname contains the domainname now, or Iím I wrong?

On the end of the installation ISPConfig they asking the following questions:
Please enter the IP address of the ISPConfig web (e.g.
Please enter the host name (e.g. www): What I have to fill in ? www, host, or (the same when I type hostname in PuTTY)
Please enter the domain (e.g.

When I fill www or host as hostname and as domain the installation stops ! When I only type the installation is finnishing succesfully but I canít go to the website ISPConfig by typing even it works one time but I reinstall again because I wanted to be able to use , The same with Webmin, I can only come there via even internet explorer/apache shows . What I also found strange that Apache is still pointing to /srv/www/htdocs or /srv/www/ but the one time I got ISPConfig working he put the web1, web2, web3 in the /var/www/ directory.

PS. We have a website, is it possible to use as intranet? The same for by example government sites, like website intranet host or , what about upload/download mail when using only a dial-up connection that checks once an hour if there is mail in the emailbox at the provider. Windows has nice solutions like IAmailserver but where I find something like that for Linux? Internal I would use GroupOffice with IMAP for the distribution localy.
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