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Originally Posted by hkaiser
that's the information to the package form yum search proftp

proftpd.x86_64 1.2.10-8.2.fc4.rf dries
Matched from:
ProFTPD is an enhanced FTP server with a focus toward simplicity, security,
and ease of configuration. It features a very Apache-like configuration
syntax, and a highly customizable server infrastructure, including support for
multiple 'virtual' FTP servers, anonymous FTP, and permission-based directory

This package defaults to the standalone behaviour of ProFTPD, but all the
needed scripts to have it run by xinetd instead are included.

Available rpmbuild rebuild options :
--without : tls
--with : ldap mysql postgresql

This looks fine so far.

Do you have read the other threads concerning FTP login problems and tested the solutions? In short terms: you have to authenticate over PAM and make a correct pam auth file for FTP.
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