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@ Grey,fr3akdk
If you are using ispconfig 2.2.23 or older chances are that your php wasnt compiled with dom or xml support.
 @ 2.2.23
./configure --with-apxs=${INSTALL_ROOT}/httpd/bin/apxs --enable-track-vars --enable-sockets --enable-mbstring=all --with-config-file-path=${INSTALL_ROOT}/php --enable-ftp --prefix=${INSTALL_ROOT}/php ${WITH_OPENSSL} ${WITH_MYSQL} --disable-libxml --disable-dom --disable-xml ${WITH_ZLIB_DIR} --disable-xmlreader --disable-xmlwriter --disable-simplexml --without-pear || error "Could not configure PHP"
 @ 2.2.24
./configure --with-apxs=${INSTALL_ROOT}/httpd/bin/apxs --enable-track-vars --enable-sockets --enable-mbstring=all --with-config-file-path=${INSTALL_ROOT}/php --enable-ftp --prefix=${INSTALL_ROOT}/php ${WITH_OPENSSL} ${WITH_MYSQL} ${WITH_XML} ${WITH_ZLIB_DIR} --without-pear || error "Could not configure PHP"
You might also have to install libxml2-dev also, But a upgrade to at least 2.2.24 should fix your issues with DomDocument.php and roundcubemail.
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