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Oh, something else I want to comment (not really needed right now though).
I think of ISPConfig to be the better code I've seen. Maybe it is not my code style, but I think the relationships between the scripts, the database and the daemons are really very very clever. I have little experience to say that though, and I just know little about ISPConfig code, just what I've needed to code my own script.
I have my own daemon checking for its own .signal files. With that I've managed to get a root script executed and the cms identified. I know I could do the identification with only the database, but till now the sistem works ok and the code is not very extense.
For example, cms_installer.php (my own writeconf.php) is about 275 lines, maybe 250 or 240 of code. It detects the signal file, makes necessary querys, define all necesary variables for each cms installation, and executes the install class. The install class is another script (59 lines) that executes create directories, copy, chmod, chown, rm stuff, makes the config file of the cms, gets mysql stuff done, etc.
I have done a very singular thing for the getting all this thing working. I install the cms, erase all customized field in mysql and export the sql to a file. Then even may be able of customizing this setups with new templates, pages or modified languaje files with better names and explanations for the translations. Most all of them are with the default installation though (but with my own database dump). I have most cms with default installation though, I havent have the time to make this on all cms ofcourse. With this I have been able to forgot completely about defaults installers. I maybe able in the future to choose a custom language for the cms installation, I dont know. Many things can be done with this thing I guess. I even want to make simple mysql controls for the cms manager so mysql dabase creation, cms deletions, maybe updates also, as I said, I dont know really yet what to do first. And also, I am right now optimizing code and making modifications.

How do you want to get this on ispconfig? I mean, it works in my installation, but how is the coordination for controling the possible cms to get installed going to be? Maybe I can do that with some classification in mind. I wanto to classify the cms to different classes by cms type (forum, portal, chat, etc) and with that in mind make the mysql limitations. For example, 1 MySQL permits 1 cms, and that limitation would permit only one installation for the portal, but little forum and live support center cms are too included by default. General idea would be making little cms software world wide available and bigger cms limitated. I know it can be also user configured but I will not code this in the short term.

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