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Originally Posted by mpolito1969 View Post
I tried again with vwdial, it doesn't work.
It looks better than I expected for a first attempt.
It actually connects and gets a carrier, but doesn't seem to get a PPP response.

Try setting stupid mode off. This will allow the connection to progress further instead of handing off to PPPD immediately. You might need to send some special command to fire off ppp on the server. After a couple of attempts like that, the logs will probably offer more hints about what to do next.

Originally Posted by mpolito1969 View Post
Actually I can't understand the reason to have a "phone" field as I don't have any number to dial in Windows Vista.
The phone number here is not the same as in the general sense. It's a special one to 'invoke' GPRS. I'm guessing vista might be hiding this from you, if it even uses this method at all.

Doing it this way may not be the most efficient, but the idea is to get you connected if possible, and later you can look for a 'better' way to do it.
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