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Default Fixed

Originally Posted by jchaven View Post
Did not work.

Here is what I did:
debian:/usr/sbin# a2enmod include
Module include installed; run /etc/init.d/apache2 force-reload to enable.
debian:/usr/sbin# apache2ctl -k restart

Here is what is in test.shtml:
<!-- #include file="menu.html" -->
<HR>FILE 1:<br>
<!-- #include virtual="/mrtg/file1.html" -->
<HR>FILE 2:<br>
<!-- #include virtual="" -->

this is the end

The output is all the HTML including rules. Nothing in the html files appears.

Thanks for your help!
I know this might sound obvious but I missed it Make sure you use single quotes not double quotes eg:

<!-- #include file="menu.html" --> = Wrong
<!-- #include file='menu.html' --> = CORRECT

Worked for me

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