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Default Got it working

Hi Falko,
So i got it working after all. The problrm with security settings under mandrake boils down to the "msec" checks. They alter the standard filesystem chmods and render ISPconfig not working. What wored for me was installing the system as described in the perfect setup guides and than switch on the security functions, all but msec checks. Maybe a seperate site should be set up to cover only the securing van linus under ispconfig...

Now than, of course i still hav some questions for you.
First of all the pop system. When connecting there is a strange lag between connecting and actual reading of the mail. Using thunderbird, or outlook express for that matter a connection is made right away but than everything stops for 15-20 secs before the password is asked and the mail begins to roll. Once mail is coming in everything goes fast and smooth. Trieed a telnet connection and there the popserver answered right away. so i am puzzled.

from one of the sites specified (not all) the mail gets doubled to the Postfix account?? The settings for this mailaccount specifie a forward to xx@xx.xx wich actually is a mailadress handled by the same system (as far as my knowledge reaches a forward to a mailrecipient on the same system should be done directly to the underlying pop account not to the email adress, but i am not shure if that is the problem.. So why or when would an email be send to the postfix account??

Hope iam not boring you too much and keep up the good work!!

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