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Default Mail Question: installed smf forum on centos perfect server setup with ispconfig

Sorry to ask this question but none of the topics i read exactly answered my question. Now please if someone can give me an answer do not assume that if you tell me to look at a log or something and that i will understand where to go. i am new to linux/server.

I setup CENTOS5.2 with ISPConfig. I installed SMF which is a free forum written in PHP as one of my first sites as a client and i noticed that if set the forum to require me the admin to approve the users access to the forum that those emails never come. Also i tested the lost password feature and again, no email every shows up to the end users email addess such as hotmail, yahoo or the like. Now, for account emails such as resellers/client within ispconfig that does work i.e. i log into roundcube and emails are there.

thanks in advance for responses.


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