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Originally Posted by hkaiser

What I did , after I have recognized that i can not login form the GUI of ISPConfig

First of all in disabled the firewall and Selinux inlcude in Fedora Core 4. And after i tested the port with the portscanner of ISPConfig.
I opened a terminal on the server where i installed ISPConfig.
I looked up if the user is in /etc/shadow/. Yes the user is in the file shadow with encrypted password.

After this i open a connection with telnet to the ftp server.

telnet localhost 21

FTP Server output:
Connected to localhost.localdomain (
Escape character is '^]'.
220 FTP Server ready.

I gave into the username and the password which I gave in into the ISPConfig control panel.

USER web5_herg
331 Password required for web5_herg.
PASS test
530 Login incorrect.

But i can even not log in. Even with a normal system user which i created i can log in.
So I have no idea what i can do not make this work. if someone has an idea how to fix this problem please write an answer. Thanks.


Can you try to change the password for the user web5_herg with the passwd command on the shell and try to login.
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