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What I did , after I have recognized that i can not login form the GUI of ISPConfig

First of all in disabled the firewall and Selinux inlcude in Fedora Core 4. And after i tested the port with the portscanner of ISPConfig.
I opened a terminal on the server where i installed ISPConfig.
I looked up if the user is in /etc/shadow/. Yes the user is in the file shadow with encrypted password.

After this i open a connection with telnet to the ftp server.

telnet localhost 21

FTP Server output:
Connected to localhost.localdomain (
Escape character is '^]'.
220 FTP Server ready.

I gave into the username and the password which I gave in into the ISPConfig control panel.

USER web5_herg
331 Password required for web5_herg.
PASS test
530 Login incorrect.

But i can even not log in. Even with a normal system user which i created i can not log in.
So I have no idea what i can do to make this work. if someone has an idea how to fix this problem please write an answer. Thanks.


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