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Hi Sebastien,

Could it be that your second server is connected differently ? I have tried to recreate your issue, and get the same problem if for example that in Server1, nic0 is connected/installed ==> eth0, but in Server2, nic1 is connected/installed, and then VMWare will have a different physical nic ID to bridge. In this case, the virtual nic's are also different and that is why your vmware nic is eth0 on Server1, but eth1 on server2. Since you also have the same issue with Windows, you can be pretty sure it is related to VMWare, so it kind of falls outside of the scope.

Other news: I will create a newer/bigger howto soon using the latest VMWare with the latest DRBD. I will also try to get the active/active mode of drbd up & running.

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