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Originally Posted by falko View Post
I've added this to our bugtracker. We will check this.
Thank You

I really do appreciate what you folks have done with regard to the "Perfect Server" tutorials. The reason is not simply because it takes you step by step, I didn't need that so much.

The reason is because when discussing issues, not only can you point to releases in an environment as you normally would, but you can point to details on how the environment was set up. The ability to do that is where the real value is. It makes it so much easier when everyone has a common frame of reference.

I'm also now glad I reported my first bug! I hate using open source without doing something to "earn" the privilege. ISPConfig is an awesome app. It needs some "curtains and a bit of paint" , but it really does the job very well.

My suggestion is to clean up the interface, and then sell add-ons like a payment gateway for Linux hosting providers. Maybe even create some Joomla components/plugins or something so that it can be easily integrated into a content manager. That way hosts can have a better presentation.
(It would also fund the project pretty well. No harm in selling commercially oriented add-ons to pay some bills)

It would be awesome if you folks could give C-Panel and Plesk some serious competition.

Oh yeah, I should probably create another thread, but this is a small issue. I created a "Reseller" and forgot to set the permissions for MySql and other things. When I tried to create a site under that reseller, it failed saying the reseller didn't have the right to those services. The problem is, it created a "web1" and sent it off to never-never land. I could not see it to delete it, but it took the "web1" spot. So the next site I created was "web2", but it was the only one that could be seen.

I don't know if that's a known issue or not, but now you have the only two issues I've seen so far with this release.

Thanks again!
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