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Default pop3 SSL/TLS not running, smtp+imap TLS/SSL ok

On my System (Suse10 Perfect Setup, using Maildir) all mail services working fine: pop3, imap, imap/TLS/SSL, smtp, smtp_auth, smtp/TLS

but I didnt get POP3-SSL/TLS and POP3 secure authentication working

pwcheck_method: saslauthd
mech_list: plain login
authmodulelistorig="authuserdb authpam authldap authcustom authpipe"
all files are default with the ispconfig suse10 perfect setup

these related daemons are running:
  • /usr/lib/courier-authlib/authdaemond
  • /usr/sbin/fam
  • /usr/sbin/saslauthd -a pam (a few instances - is that ok?)
  • /usr/lib/courier-imap/couriertcpd -address=0 -maxprocs=40 -maxperip=4 -nodnslookup -noidentlookup 143 /usr/sbin/imaplogin /usr/sbin/imapd Maildir
  • /usr/sbin/courierlogger -pid=/var/run/ -start -name=imapd /usr/lib/courier-imap/couriertcpd -address=0 -maxprocs=40 -maxperip=4 -nodnslookup -noidentlookup 143 /usr/sbin/imaplogin /usr/sbin/imapd Maildir
the firewall is running - ports 110, 995, 465, 143, 993 are unlocked
couriertcpd is running on port 143
shouldŽnt that be port 993?

I have another system with courier-imap/exim. There all SSL/TLS services are working fine - and all related configurations are identical (more or less ...) with my courier-imap/postfix/ISPconfig system.
So IŽm totaly confused and dont know nothing at all anymore :-)
All looks fine - but it doesnt work :-(

Can anybody help? Thanks in advance!
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