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Default Internet Connection issues during setup of "Perfect Server CentOS 5.2"

Apologies if this has been answered before, I have had a decent search through the forums + internet, and found little to help.

Basically Im following the guide from HowtoForge Forums - CentOS 5.2 Server Setup: LAMP, Email, DNS, FTP, ISPConfig (a.k.a. The Perfect Server)

when I get to the end of page 3, after not configuring any new IPs, I go to update via YUM with no success... no network/internet connection.

starting Windows-X I cannot access the internet via Firefox either.

Its annoying, because I had the setup working yesterday, when I did the first install. Then after a complete restart, it would not automatically detect the modem/network. The rest of our network is fine.

The modem is connected via a switch in our network. CentOS 5.2 is installed on my machine via Virtual PC 2007 (mouse and display issues fixed).

Any light on this would be much appreciated... im completely stuck :s
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