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oke case closed, I have found the answer,
after I change /etc/my.cnf on test-dbserver with
I need to create a new user, then mysql will store the new user's password using old password format which readable by previous client (mysql 3.23 library) after that, you can use normally...

but then it brings up a question. Mysql 5 already support stored procedure, views, sub-select etc, etc, which not available when mysql 3.23, can my old programs or dll which still using mysql 3.23 library take those advantages? I mean using sub-select, insert-select and perhaps read views table or running stored procedure??

I know the old mysql-front 2.5 which created on 2002 wont be able to create views, stored procedure etc, but I think it can read view tables and execute stored procedure right ??

please tell me your tought, this is the first time I am playing in reality using for in-house developing using delphi 5

once again, thank you in advance for your time to take reply
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