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I just wanted to give an update here. I was fooling around a little more this evening and this is where I got now. I am no longer seeing my DSL's modem status page when I type Now I see the infamous page can not be found on XP and on my linux machine I get "The connection was refused when attempting to contact 69.156.*.*:8***"

So when I do a ping on my domain it is working now and I can do it from the web also (I had my friend test it with ping). When I performed a trace route, it went back to my domain provider so I am assume I got the domain issue solved. Now it seems like my firewall is not letting me see my apache test page. In my httpd.conf file I have an entry for my listener as

listen 192.168.*.*:8***
Is this right? Or should I have

listen 8***

So now my issue is why I can not access the actual page now. Seems like I have gotten one step further
Raman Gill
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