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Default VSFTPD problem

Guten tag Falko - Wie gehts?

I do not get an error message. At the end of the upload of a file larger than 65 MB or so, it just seems to hang, doing nothing. After a minute or three it decides there was a problem, so it begins again and renames the old file "old" and tries again. Often it is successful after one or two re-tries, but this makes the upload of multiple files a real pain if one of the files is over that size.

Oddly enough, when I break off the uploads and check the directory, the first file that the client said failed, actually made it ok.

I know the problem so I can tolerate it for my own purposes, but when files come in from customers, the problem is too annoying for them to use my ftp.

Using AceFTP Pro 3 as a client, but I have tried other clients and the results appear to be the same.
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