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Originally Posted by ecorona
My server is already in production mode, hostin 20 websites as I said before.

If I reinstall this new chrooted ssh will be in normal operation?
Yes. But keep in mind that the tutorial was written for Debian do if you use another distribution steps might differ a little bit.

Originally Posted by ecorona
As i read, to create a new chrooted user is a diferent step from normal.

useradd -s /bin/bash -m -d /home/chroot/./home/testuser -c "testuser" -g users testuser

And they go to a diferent home, so i thing its may possible if we reconfigure ISPconfig user management.

Is this right? some one tryed this before?
Instead of /home/chroot you could use /home/www, /var/www, etc. But it's true, you need manual interaction. You can create the user in ISPconfig, but afterwards you must edit /etc/passwd to put the dot into the path to the user's homedir.
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