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Default Fix for 2.2.24 mailuser bug

Ok, here's the fix. It's a stupid confusion about a variable name. The bug is in mailuser/mail/table/user.table.php. "user_name" is actually *not* the "username" (that would be user_username), but the user's name/comment field. Thus it allows many more characters than this check:
This check will fail with any normal name as a full name is guaranteed to contain a space. Quick fix:
$table['user_name'] = array(         'datatype'                 => "VARCHAR",
                                                                          'formtype'                 => "TEXT",
                                                                          'regex'                        => "/^[0-9a-zA-Z_\-\.\s]{0,255}$/",
                                                                          'errmsg'                => "Name contains invalid charcters.",
                                                                          'value'                 => "");
The \s was added by me. This will allow spaces and thus fix this issue for 99%of the situations. The check should be even more loose, though. Could somebody submit the check from version 2.2.23, please? user.table.php should be reverted to that version.
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