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Sorry, let me be a little more clear and in detail.

The way I set it up is the way many online howto documents are telling me to do it. Here are two examples:
(Look at the 4th Paragraph)
(This is the site for the firewall app and it also gave a rundown on how to setup a home firewall)

So my 2nd NIC card is plugged into my Hub/Router and the rest of my PC's (Windows based for now) are set with a static IP like 192.168.*.* with the default gateway set to the IP address of the eth1 on my linux box

The IP_ADDRESS_OF_SERVER is the IP Address of my Linux machine (192.168.*.*) and not of the DSL Provider (I assume you mean this as my public IP Address)

Does this give you a better understanding of what I have setup? Another thing I have now noticed is that to try and work with my D-LINK Router to see if I can enable port forwarding, I need to get into my D-LINK settings via logging into it as the IP Address of the router is (the default). But now I can not for some reason. It will not reconize it anymore. What happened here????

Any other questions please ask.

Also, great site!!! I like what you have done with it and there is plenty of info there for people like me
Raman Gill
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