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Hi Falko,

Thanks for your reply. My Linux box is acting as the firewall and as such I have 2 NIC cards. eth0 has the external line from my DSL Provider and eth1 has the internal line with an IP of 192.168.*.* and is directly connected to my D-LINK router. So I guess "Yes, my linux box is in a local network behind a router.

Also, I last night just setup a domain and configured it with Apache, and I am able to run http://localhost and http://IP_ADDRESS_OF_SERVER and I can see my Apache test page, but when I is comes to some sort of Modem Status page from my provider...weird????!!!!! Why do I not see the apache test page like I should be. The reason why I am posting it here is because it almost seems like the same thing where an outside source is not able to see my network/domain. Internall I can run everything smoothly, but from the outside I can not.

I did read a little more on the web after I posted this that thing much be 99% more easier if I had domain registered and configured on my linux box with Apache, which I did now. So essentially I can SSH into my domain and get onto that Linux box like SSH

I hope this clears up some things for you

Awaiting for your reply eagerly
Raman Gill
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