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Default CentOS 5.2 Robust Mail Server

I suggest a guide for install:
- CentOS 5.2 Base
- MySQL using yum
- Apache using yum
- PHP using yum
- PHPMyAdmin using RPMforge
- Postfix using yum
- Dovecot using yum
- Authentication TLS/SSL using yum
- Virtual Domain and Virtual User
- SpamAssassin using yum
- ClamAV using RPMforge
- Mail Scanner using RPMforge
- Mail Watch using RPMforge
- Horde using yum

If I have your permission, I start to create this guide with help of other howto, I need your aid only on MySQL command and Spam/AV integration.
Must I send my work to anyone for supervision?

An advice: between Postfix, Dovecot, Exim, Cyrus, Zmailer, etc for you what is the best for integration in Horde and Mail Scanner?

Thank you
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