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1) Joomla has HUGE coder base. The biggest Open Source CMS project in the world.

2) If the admin interface was a Joomla CMS based - ISPConfig coders could delegate that part of the "update/upgrade/security work" to Joomla coders.
As you might know, I'am doing systema dministration for al lot of clients. Most servers that I recovered from a hack in the last time had been hacked trough a jommla system. Personally I really do not want to rely on this security wise for administering my server.

3) Joomla has an outstanding modular "plugin" system that allows the easy installation of "Components, modules, etc." This would allow easy ISPConfig plugins (like languages, webmail systems, etc.)
ISPConfig has a modular plugin system and event system too, so no need for that.

4) Joomla comes with optional "authentication systems" that include at this moment - Joomlas own MySQL based auth, (and connectors for...) LDAP, Gmail, and the coming attraction OpenID.
This might be a point, at least ldap authentication. But you forget that the joomla auth sytsmes just cover 5 or 10% of the need of ispconfig as it is made for a completely different type of software. Joomly is just a CMS and ISPConfig 3 is a multi server control panel.

5) Joomla comes with a really good ready made installation package.
(This will help ISPConfig coders to no end. Delegate, delegate, delegate.)
This installer does not really help us. It is webbased, but ISPConfig needs a shell based installer that runs as root and does system configuration tasks.

5) At some point in the distant future there will come a need to integrate ISPConfig with a CRM system like vTiger (All hail vTiger, its not crap anymore, except the pdf invoices... but that is another story) and vTiger with shopping cart system like Virtuemart (one of thousands of Joomla components.) If ISPConfig was a "Component" of Joomla this would be so easy.
There should be no problem to write addons that integrate e.g. the client management with a crm system in ISPConfig 3.

To sum it up, I do not see any benefits in such a merge. ISPConfig and joomla are two absolutely different software projects, it would be the same as if you want to merge the apache webserver with your homebanking application.
Till Brehm
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