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I know I'm going to be hanged for this but you know what they say...
(***replace with your favorite saying***)

I was thinking if the ISPConfig admin interface could be ported to Joomla...
(No tomatoes or stones please, at least not in the face.)

Some of the reasons behind my outrageous idea are these...

1) Joomla has HUGE coder base. The biggest Open Source Content Management System project in the world.

2) If the admin interface was a Joomla CMS based - ISPConfig coders could delegate that part of the "update/upgrade/security work" to Joomla coders.

3) Joomla has an outstanding modular "plugin" system that allows the easy installation of "Components, modules, etc." This would allow easy ISPConfig plugins (like languages, webmail systems, etc.)

4) Joomla comes with optional "authentication systems" that include at this moment - Joomlas own MySQL based auth, (and connectors for...) LDAP, Gmail, and the coming attraction OpenID.

5) Joomla comes with a really good ready made installation package.
(This will help ISPConfig coders to no end. Delegate, delegate, delegate.)

5) At some point in the distant future there will come a need to integrate ISPConfig with a CRM system like vTiger (All hail vTiger, its not crap anymore, except the pdf invoices... but that is another story) and vTiger with shopping cart system like Virtuemart (one of thousands of Joomla components.) If ISPConfig was a "Component" of Joomla this would be so easy.

Ok. You can start laughing now.


Sami Mattila


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