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I had a pretty fast delivery of mail so it seems to have worked I guess but I had another problem with aliases.db file which was older then file aliases.

I did: nano /etc/aliases.db then ctrl o and restart postfix now my whole mail system seems to have gone kablueey?

Jul 27 11:55:47 OptiplexGX270T postfix/smtpd[4633]: fatal: open database /etc/aliases.db: Invalid argument
Not sure if this is used by postfix and if I can simply rm /etc/aliases.db and let it create a new one.

Anyway I can't be certain if the above worked untilll this works and I can read my mails posted by logcheck as they give me verbosity in amavis output!

Have to run to work now but will investigate more about the aliases.db later when I come back.
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