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[edit] oups - forgot english is language of choice here: [/edit]

Did someone get a reply from Hetzner with good news yet? I read all the related Hetzner forums mentioned here (and 2 or 3 linked there), but apart from some "maybe this, maybe that" there is not a single final reply. I mailed to Hetzner myself just today, but it would be good to now from other users.

I scan the market for dedicated servers a lot, at least once every 6 months. For the last few years I always ended up with Hetzner winning with the unique combination of features, pricing and powerful hardware. Disabling the flexible IP-Routing is a killer-argument to leave the house - but where to go? From all my scanning I did not find a provider nearly as good. Same service with at least double the pricing or vice-versa. Does someone know an alternative?


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