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I compiled with these configure options:

./configure --with-language=german --enable-dns --enable-geoip --with-geodb=/var/lib/GeoIP

and webalizer on CentOS 5.2 has this configure line:

%configure --enable-dns --with-dblib=/lib

Doesn't look like anything of that should affect the logformat handling. There were 15 patches applied, but none seem to apply either.
Patch1: dns-db1.patch
Patch2: webalizer-2.01_10-lfs.patch
Patch3: webalizer-2.01-10-overflow.patch
Patch4: webalizer-2.01-10-underrun.patch
Patch5: webalizer-2.01-10-ipv6.patch
Patch6: webalizer-2.01_10-confuser.patch
Patch7: webalizer-2.01-10-hostname.patch
Patch8: webalizer-2.01-10-maxagent.patch
Patch9: webalizer-2.01-10-groupvisit.patch
Patch10: webalizer-2.01-10-countrycode.patch
Patch11: webalizer-2.01-10-agent-opera.patch
Patch12: webalizer-2.01-10-agent-gecko.patch
Patch13: webalizer-2.01-10-agent-apple.patch
Patch14: webalizer-2.01-10-agent-compatible.patch
Patch15: webalizer-2.01-10-agent-default.patch

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