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Default FTP access denied with DMZ


I have server (Fedora 7) with IspConfig installed and running. Everything works pretty well except the ftp access for the sites. The ftp web based is working perfect.

Time ago I setup the same system and the FTP worked fine. The only one difference between my old system and the newone is the use of a DMZ configured in the router. In my first setup I had a cable with a public address directly connected to the server. Now I had a DMZ that relates a public address with a local address which points to the server. Probably that is the origin of the problem.

As a consequence, I have to give shell access and update the sites using SFTP but, with shell access and administrative permissions, an User can go up into the path /var/www/web_n and see the content of other sites.

If there any possibility of get back on the normal FTP system and avoid the use of the SFTP with shell access ?

Thanks a lot.
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