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Default Server setup for Web Purposes with custom Firewall


I am a little bit of a newbie starting out with Linux. I must say that I am pretty impressed so far. I just managed to get my firewall setup and let me explain the setup as to how I got there so you have an understanding of my architecture and will allow you guys to help me here.

Linux Distro: Fedora Core 4
2 NIC cards.
-eth0 has DSL line coming in from provider
-eth1 is connected to D-LINK router with an IP of 192.168.*.*
Running FireStarter ( as my firewall and it is up an running. I can ping my XP box and vice versa.

Question #1: I am able to SSH into my linux box from PC’s within my network. I would like to also connect to my linux box from my work also via SSH, but I am unsure as to how? Can someone please help?

Questions #2: I read the “Perfect Setup for Fedora Core 4”, and there are some gaps that I need answered to as my setup is a little different. I would like to setup my Linux Firewall box as a Web Server as well with Apache running on it. What would be the steps for this if I am running a setup like I have listed above as the document on the site assumes you have a static IP address from your provider with a host name?

I hope this all makes sense. If not, please post a reply and I will reply in more detail.

Thanks again 
Raman Gill
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