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Originally Posted by mtyme View Post
2. Can I or do I need to utilize the 2nd NIC for the web server functionality?
If the system acts as your router, then you need a second NIC. But I assume it's in yur LAN behind a router, so you need just one NIC and configure your router to forward port 80 (for HTTP) to the system.
Originally Posted by mtyme View Post
3. If set up correctly, how much of a concern would security be for using the one server as having both access to the outside world as the web server, and access to my internal LAN using samba for the raid 5 NAS?
The problem could be that if you run a vulnerable web application on the server, people could have access to your data or even delete it. You could try to run Apache chrooted:
Originally Posted by mtyme View Post
4. Would it be possible to loosely follow a current Perfect Server How-To for SUSE 10.3 to install what I need without starting over?
Yes. Just install the missing packages.
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