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I have installed ispconfig 3 beta on Ububtu 8.04 (for virtual users/domains support) and...
I have some suggestions to make:

- when you add some sites, you must restart apache for the settings to have effect - some script needed for this

- the documentation for the install "forgets" there are more packages to install (courier-imap-ssl and courier-pop-ssl comes in my mind now, about 4 extra if I remember, for the clean sistem I used) - needs some attention here

- the documentation does not explain that you need to use mydns already configured, and the install.php is trying to start "sh /etc/init.d/mydns" (hope I remember corectly this) a file which does not exist (for my Ubuntu sistem at least) - needs some clarification here

- This seems to be a very good software which solves all my needs and I hope will work well for me

- Keep up the good work!