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Thanks for the very quick answer. I just compiled it with default target path, that's apparently /usr/local. Anyway, that can't be it. As I explained, I cloned the VM and removed the webalizer rpm. There is no /usr/bin/webalizer anymore, only /usr/local/bin/webalizer.
As I wrote, either the scheduled creation got accidently hosed, so that webalizer.php (which seems to be responsible for stats creation) doesn't run at all or the which run from it can't find the webalizer in the /usr/local/path. At least I see only these two options. I will try an ln -s to overcome the which problem.
How can I check this? What actually triggers the nightly webalizer runs at 4 am? And can I mimick that now so that I can test creating stats at any time?
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