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Default missing webalizer stats

I think I have hosed the creation of webalizer stats on my new setups somehow. I have a test setup where stats are getting created in a stats subdirectory for the webids and in a usage directory for the main hostname. e.g. it seems to work. Because webalizer stats where in English (I need them in German) I followed the directions elsewhere in this forum and compiled a new webalizer. As version 2.20 had just come out I used that. It seems to work. At least I get an answer that makes sense when I just run "webalizer".
However, it's not getting used by ISPConfig although a "which webalizer" tells me the system wants to use 2.20 in /usr/local/bin and not 2.10 in /usr/bin. According to the forum post a newly compiled one should just work "if it is in the path". webalizer.php uses "which webalizer" itself. But if the path for the command is different it would not find it. From where does ISPConfig get the path? A cron script? There is no cron script for it in cron.daily, although it runs at 4:00 a.m. which looks very much like cron.daily. There's only 00webalizer which can't be it.
I cloned that setup and uninstalled the webalizer rpm, so that only that new webalizer binary is there. On that setup I don't get any stats at all, not even the stats directories got created. I assume there's either the cron/schedule file missing or it doesn't find the binary.
How can I troubleshoot this?
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