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Originally Posted by danf.1979
Hi to all.
I was just wondering about a *maybe* quota problem.

Some CMS allow uploads to certain directories, so those dirs must be world writeable. For example, CMS Made Simple allow creating directories under the upload directory, which is world writeable. Created directories are being created with owner www-data and group www-data.

My question is, do this newly created directories or uploaded files count for the quota's client? I dont think so, but I'm not really sure.
Files that belong to www-data do not coun to the web quota.

If they are not, is there any way to fix this?
Yes. But the fix is more related to your setup then to ISPCOnfig.

If you run PHP either via SuPHP or as PHP CGI with SuExec, all scripts where running under the username of web admin and not as www-data. Then all files created by CMS systems belong to the correct group and user and count to the qouta.

The drawback with SuPHP and CGI-PHP is that you loose some performance compared to mod_php.

Another possible solution might to work with PHP as fastCGI, but never tested that and it shall be not so easy to setup.
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